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TransForm in the News: Co-Director Dr. Matthias Sweet Quoted in Toronto Star Article

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Highway 407 now has so little traffic on it, its owners could be on the hook to pay "congestion payments" to the government for not meeting traffic quotas.

Blog Post By:

Patrick Yutiga

Article by

Paul Webster, Toronto Star - December 19, 2020

Our co-director Dr. Matthias Sweet was recently quoted in a Toronto Star Article weighing in on the Ontario Government's proposal to build a new superhighway entitled the "GTA West Corridor" or GTAW. Here's what the article, and our co-direct had to say:

"Ryerson University professor Matthias Sweet, a traffic congestion expert who sat on the expert panel that advised the Ontario government to avoid building the GTAW by routing more trucks onto the 407, points to a substantial body of scientific evidence indicating that when environmental and human health costs are factored in, new highways cost far more than just their multi-billion-dollar construction price tags."

“The disconnect between research and planning practice is stark when identifying traffic congestion policies which can also support economic objectives,” Sweet noted in a 2011 study."

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From the Article: "Doug Ford plans to start building a new superhighway near the 401 next year. Why not move all the trucks to the 407 toll highway instead?" By: Paul Webster, Toronto Star December 19, 2020