Raktim Mitra, PhD

C O - D I R E C T O R
Associate Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning

AREAS OF INTEREST: Neighbourhood environment- transportation- health interaction; Walking and cycling; Complete communities; Children’s mobility and wellbeing; Millennial travel behaviour.

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Matthias Sweet, PhD

C O - D I R E C T O R
Assistant Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning

AREAS OF INTEREST: Travel demand and congestion management, Transportation and society, Big Data, Autonomous cars, Transportation and urban growth.

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Elyse Comeau

The various ways in which new economies reshape the urban landscape of cities is of great interest to me! I believe that as planners, we must be open to adopting new technologies in meaningful ways that can improve the quality of life of the communities that we are planning for. Other planning interests involve urban economics, strategic planning, and development feasibility. My research at TransForm focuses on the topic of automated vehicles, specifically regarding potential users and implementation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

Hong Yun (Eva) Shi

I am interested in understanding and influencing the relationship between transportation and land-use. Well coordinated transportation and land-use decisions can foster vibrant communities, create safe public spaces, and achieve sustainability targets. I believe that policy and urban planning has the potential to fill in the inequities and inconveniences in our current auto-centric transportation system for those who are unable to drive. Currently, my research explores the public perception of driverless cars in the GTHA

Tyler Olsen

I am fascinated with the opportunity urban planning offers to become deeply involved in cities, exploring and better understanding how they work, with an eye for being able to effectively make our cities better for the people living there. My primary areas of interest are transportation planning, housing affordability as well as the use of data and quantitative analysis in evidence-based decision-making. At TransForm, my research focuses on using predictive modelling to anticipate and shape the effects of the introduction of self-driving vehicles in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

Adam Wilson

From the moment I learned that there is a stark gender gap in cycling rates in North America, I have been interested in exploring both that phenomenon and the broader behaviour trends within active transportation. I believe that through changes to cycling infrastructure and policies, informed by proper research, it is possible to vastly increase the current cycling mode share. Working with the team at TransForm and Dr. Mitra has allowed me to participate concretely in determining how we can increase cycling mode share in the GTA.

Michael Niezgoda

My motivation in becoming an urban planner is that the profession is uniquely adept in the shaping of real and meaningful impact on the day-to-day lives of people. I am particularly interested in transportation planning and how the expansion of transportation networks impacts land uses, communities and people. My current research with TransForm focuses on the impacts of cycling facilities on travel behavior and neighbourhoods.

Zainab Abbasi

Often times urban planning does not consider the needs of its youngest citizens. There is an opportunity to make urban planning more inclusive towards children, and all ages for that matter! I'm interested in how the design of our public spaces, transportation systems, public services and streets impacts children, and the ways in which we can foster more child friendly cities. I am also interested in inclusive community engagement practices, urban design and creative placemaking. Currently, I am investigating the potential to open Toronto's neighbourhood streets for children's outdoor play and the social benefits it brings for all members of community.

Graham Hendren

It's invigorating to work with communities to create policies and places that are age-friendly, transit-supportive, and address issues of equity and environmental sustainability. To me, planning is about building more just and fair cities we may never get to see ourselves. I am interested in active transportation, complete streets policy and design, waterfront redevelopment, and rural economic development. My research at TransForm focuses on international best practices for evaluating active and sustainable school travel (ASST) programs and contributes to creating a regional framework in the GTHA. 

Michelle Rowland

My vision for urban planning primarily focuses on inclusive, healthy, age-friendly communities. As a planner I hope to be able to plan cities that are child-friendly with a focus on community engagement and public space. My current research in the TransForm lab is a part of the Opportunities for Play and Learning project. I am researching the connection between children's well-being and loose parts play in schools. 

Sadaf Shahid

Behavioural science and design go hand in hand when looking at how a city functions, which is why I've always been interested in the significance of urban infrastructure and public spaces. Ryerson University, with its distinctive urban setting allows me to uncover the relationship between built form and functional spaces. I am particularly invested in finding ways to achieve density with increased activity without introducing large quantities of high rise as well as using urban design as a tool to strengthen the livability and resiliency of communities. At TransForm Lab, my task is to manage graphics and creative formats that allow people to engage with information and reports the lab has to offer.

Catherine Huynh

I am interested in the underlying policy frameworks and systemic behaviour that influences human use of spaces. I believe that great cities are built with inclusive spaces through progressive urban design and extensive community-engagement processes. The design of spaces can either encourage or discourage the livability certain populations. Aspects such as lack of connectivity or accesibility in urban, suburban and rural neighbourhoods can hinder developments. At TransForm, I am a coordinator who aims to strengthen the lab’s brand through a visual enhancement of the team’s hard in an engaging manner.