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Raktim Mitra, PhD

C O - D I R E C T O R

Associate Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning

AREAS OF INTEREST: Neighbourhood environment- transportation- health interaction; Walking and cycling; Complete communities; Children’s mobility and wellbeing; Millennial travel behaviour.

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Matthias Sweet, PhD

C O - D I R E C T O R

Associate Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning

AREAS OF INTEREST: Travel demand and congestion management, Transportation and society, Big Data, Autonomous cars, Transportation and urban growth.

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The Team

Avet Khachatryan

As a sustainability researcher and a lifelong cyclist, I see urban cycling as one of the most sustainable and equitable means of transportation. I aspire to pursue PhD studies in urban cycling planning. Participating in the TransForm Lab through the project "Urban Cycling Facilities and Traveller Behaviour Change" under the guidance of Dr. Raktim Mitra is an exciting opportunity to do quantitative research on cycling, to learn about new trends in cycling research, and to glimpse into how commuters in different areas of Toronto and other municipalities in Southern Ontario perceive cycling policies.

Patrick Yutiga

My passion and interests lie within the field of public transportation, transit politics, and transit expansion. With previous experience working with local public transit agencies and public stakeholders, and recently, being a CUTA Young Leaders Summit Alumni, I have been keen on effective public relations and consultation. Transit is the circulatory system of cities - expansive, efficient public transit systems built on fact-based policies bring numerous socio-economic benefits to cities. At TransForm, I am a coordinator who aims to strengthen the lab’s brand through a visual enhancement of the team’s hard work in an engaging manner. I am also working with Professor Mitra using quantitative approaches to model cyclist behaviour and the impact of planning interventions.

Matthew Graystone

When properly considered and planned for, active transportation enhances the vibrancy of communities around the globe, giving individuals the freedom to choose a healthy and green mode of transportation. As a passionate and avid cyclist, I began asking questions of why people bike, how cycling can be integrated into the larger transportation network, and how we can build cities to be safe and enjoyable for all. As an undergraduate in the final year of my planning degree, I work with Dr. Mitra and the TransForm lab using quantitative approaches to model cyclist behaviour and the impact of planning interventions.

Joseph Peace

I am a Master of Planning student with a passion for urban transportation planning and policy. I am particularly interested in the ways that land use, public policy, and transportation infrastructure intersect and impact communities. Previously, I have had the opportunity to work on community engagement initiatives and active transportation projects, and I look forward to bringing these experiences to my work with TransForm. I am currently working under the supervision of Dr. Sweet to examine policy and planning responses to new mobility technologies and services in Canadian cities.

Sarah Giacomantonio

My initial passion for mobility came from my time as a bicycle guide throughout Atlantic Canada. This experience opened my eyes to the power of mobility on individual and collective well-being. This combined with my experience working for Vancouver Biennale, where I lead a team in the creation of a community arts based cycling event, further solidified my passion for mobility and community engagement. Now as a 1st year Masters of Planning (MPl) In Urban Development candidate at Ryerson University, I am able to continue work that pushes my passion for mobility as a tool for equitable community planning. I am currently working on a project with the TransForm lab under the supervision of Professor Mitra. Focused on the influence cycling infrastructure can have on the travel behaviours of women.

Micha Gutmanis

I see cities as beautiful yet complex systems and I am driven by finding solutions for a more sustainable future. As an avid cyclist and sustainability professional, I am interested in all aspects of sustainable mobility from land-use planning to high-level policy. Through previous work experiences, I have had the opportunity to work on electric vehicle planning and engagement for local governments in British Columbia. Now, as a Masters student in the Transform Lab and under the guidance of Dr. Mitra, I am conducting research on how the presence of cycling facilities impact perceived livability.

Anne Benaroya

I am a Master of Planning Student with an interest in how transportation and land-use planning can together affect social, environmental, and economic aspects of society. Having previous work experience evaluating provincial and federal government programs, I have seen first-hand how policies impact citizens’ lives. I am excited to be studying Planning so that I can help directly address complex issues. I am particularly interested in the implementation of innovative approaches to improve the equity and sustainability of our cities and rural areas. I am currently working with Dr. Sweet on analyzing the impacts of the town of Innisfil’s unique partnership with Uber, which provides subsidized ride hailing as an alternative to traditional fixed-route buses.

Attiya Haseeb

My professional experience in the field of urban planning involves teaching the planning courses in a university and working with urban and environmental planning consultants. Travel behaviour of people and its implications towards promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly cities has been a primary focus of my studies throughout my professional and academic career. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D studies under the supervision of Dr. Raktim Mitra with a motivation to explore this area further

Danya Tugg

I am a second-year Master of Planning student with a Bachelor's degree in geography and geomatics. I have always had a strong interest in transportation systems and how they function, which led me to pursue urban planning. Currently, I am working under Professor Mitra's supervision on modelling how commuting affects post-secondary students' long-term subjective well-being, which allows me to combine my interests in statistical analysis and urban planning. I am also the project manager for StudentMoveTO.

Congratulations to our TransForm 2020-2021 Graduates!

Congratulations to Sarin Chemilian and Christina Pelopidas! Thank you for your hard work and contributions to informing better transportation and land-use planning policy through your research!



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