StreetPLAY Pilot Project Evaluation
March 1, 2017
August 3, 2018
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Coordinated Data Collection Tools to Evaluate School Travel-Related Programming: An Exploration of Best Practices

Greater awareness of the benefits of active and sustainable school transportation (ASST) has led to an increasing number of programming and mobility management measures from GTHA municipalities and school boards. However, what are the impacts of these programs? Are these efforts bringing positive changes toward achieving the RTP’s vision of a 60% walk/cycling mode share by 2031? Have our streets become safer for existing pedestrians and cyclists as a result of these programs? These questions are difficult to answer in the absence of systematic data collection efforts in the GTHA.

In this research, we will review international and Ontario-based examples of coordinated program evaluation efforts and data collection tools to identify current process, key challenges to implementation, and potential solutions, as they apply to collecting data on ASST-related outcomes.

Study will conclude in December 2018.